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Running routes

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Running routes

In and around Lasówka, you can learn and practice cross-country skiing using both techniques.

As soon as the snowfall creates the right conditions, 2 loops are prepared: 5 km in the meadows with a stunning panorama of the Orlické Mountains and 15 km in the forest, both for classic and skating skiers.

Crossing the border bridge at the height of the church in Lasówka, we can quickly find ourselves in the Czech Republic and use the illuminated running route visible from our windows in Orlickie Zahori. Our southern neighbors have prepared about 5 km of an interesting route (straight sections and ascents with descents), which is lit every day from dusk until 9.00 pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays until 10.00 pm. There are also other cross-country trails that can be used to navigate the Orlické Mountains.

Other cross-country skiing trails in the immediate vicinity that are worth recommending are those in Spalona and Zieleniec.

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