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This is how it all started

As banal as it sounds, the idea of ​​my guesthouse was born out of dreams. The vortex of everyday life, life on suitcases and the following years passing at a frantic pace made the age-old desire to escape from everything more and more intensified. In addition, a collection of travel experiences – accommodation in chain hotels in the city center, small guesthouses off the beaten track and small agritourism farms on the outskirts of the world.

Not always professional service, but with an invariably glued official smile, the owners looking after the business in person elsewhere. Places with an idea, lovingly pampered details and cool, cliché interiors that are only a machine for earning money. What if you tried to face the challenge of creating a place as close to the ideal as possible? It is easy to criticize, harder to prove that it can be done better. In addition, I always wanted to start my own company, and the years of wandering around the country and Europe, successive disappointments with small employers and large corporations only reassured me in this belief.

As luck would have it, for several years I had been spending my winter holidays in a beautiful place, which, although in close proximity to the well-known Polish winter resort of Zieleniec, at the same time offered peace and idyllicity of a forgotten hamlet. The savings in Poznań were also heard – when I noticed that almost every free weekend, regardless of the time of the year, I was rushing to Lasówka, I said that I had to come up with a way to make these trips profitable. This is how it all started.

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Lasówka – jak powrót do domu

However, the turning point for making this one of the most important decisions in my life was the moment when I discovered that always entering Lasówka I have a feeling of returning home, and when I leave – the feeling of leaving. So maybe not only me? Maybe this specific place, with a beautiful panorama of the Orlické Mountains, has something that makes tourists want to come here all year round, and then come back, usually with more friends? And all this despite the lack of professional advertising. The location has always delighted me, it had many undeniable advantages: the immediate vicinity of the ski slopes in Zieleniec and the Czech Republic, marked out routes for cross-country skiers, in summer bicycle routes and hiking trails, plus forests and charming meadows. And all this is only 120 km from Wrocław, and 300 km from Poznań. It is true that the authorship of the idea to buy a plot of land in Lasówka has never been fully established, nevertheless the first step on the way to establishing a guesthouse in the Sudetes was made a few months after the idea appeared. In the winter of 2006, I became the proud owner of a whole hectare of rural land. The only thing left (and as long as) to take care of the financial side of the entire undertaking and go to battle.

When considering the concept of my road, I have often thought about what makes us feel carefree in one place, like on vacation at grandma’s, and where else do we count down the days to departure? Is it interior design? Perhaps attentive service? How does the dining experience affect the overall feeling? Questions multiplied like rabbits in the spring, and doubts arose when I realized the enormity of the whole undertaking. Will I be able to take this challenge for sure?

I was stubbornly implementing the next stages of the investment, including the less spectacular ones, such as official and banking formalities, dozens of cost estimates and decisions. Of course, there were various obstacles in my way, but I was staring at the goal of creating a place with its own atmosphere. I also chose the name – “Przystanek Lasówka” – I wanted it to become a synonym of true relaxation. That the charm of my “Przystanek” would attract guests seeking relaxation in comfortable conditions, but away from the hustle and bustle of big resorts, surrounded by nature and its sounds. Have I succeeded? Drive over and check it out for yourself.

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Poznaj Przystanek Lasówka

  • noclegi ze śniadaniem w kameralnej atmosferze
  • przytulne pokoje z łazienkami
  • tylko 120 km od Wrocławia i 300 km od Poznania


  • urokliwe łąki i lasy, szlaki piesze i rowerowe, punkty widokowe
  • bliskość Parku Narodowego Gór Stołowych ze Szczelińcem i Błędnymi Skałami
  • atrakcje Kotliny Kłodzkiej (Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia, Kopalnia Złota w Złotym Stoku, pijalnie wód mineralnych w Polanicy-Zdroju i Kudowie-Zdroju)


  • bezpośrednie sąsiedztwo stoków narciarskich w Zieleńcu i Czechach
  • dziesiątki kilometrów tras biegowych po obydwóch stronach polsko-czeskiej granicy, w tym oświetlone pętle w Orlickim Zahori, Spalonej i na Jamrozowej Polanie